12V Syndeo Plug and Play Spotless LED COB Short Cut LED Strip Light Kit, 2.5 Metres


  • 12V
  • 9 Watts Per Metre
  • 2.5 Metre Reel
  • Available in 3000K and 6500K
  • Non Spotting
  • Driver, Cables and Connectors Included
  • Available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K
£73.08 inc. VAT

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Product Details

12V Syndeo Plug and Play Spotless LED COB Short Cut Tape Kit, 2.5 Metres

This Plug and Play tape kit includes:

  • 1 x 30W 12V Syndeo Multi Port Plug and Play driver with a 1.5 metre UK plug
  • 1 x 2.5 Metre Reel of Spotless COB LED Tape, available in a colour choice of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 6500K
  • 6 x Solderless Tape to Cable Connectors (with a 10mm width)
  • 6 x 1500mm Syndeo Connection Cables

Our Spotless Syndeo Plug and Play LED tape kits are perfect for creating a seamless linear finish, as opposed to strip lights with 120 or 60 LEDs per metre, which are more prone to spotting or dotting in shallow profiles.

Our spotless kits come fully equipped with a Syndeo Multiport plug and play driver (which includes a 1.5 metre UK plug), 6 Syndeo Connections Cables, 6 solderless tape connectors (with a width of 10mm) and a 2.5 metre reel of Spotless COB LED tape, available in a colour choice of 3000K or 6500K.

Below is an instrutional video on how to connect and install into LED channel.


Perfect for creating eyecatching, professional grade linear lighting displays with cost effective efficiency, outputting 738 lumens per metre and 92 lumens per watt on average.

Ready to install into LED profiles with a width of 10mm or more in an area of your choosing with it's 3M adhesive backing. IP20 rating, suitable for indoor use in dry environments.

This 2.5 metre kit comes complete with 6 connection cables and 6 solderless cable to tape connectors, with a width of 10mm, which means no soldering and that different lengths of tape can be cut and connected easily, enabling a whole spectrum of functionality.

Simply clip together, plug in and it's ready to go. The learn more about the Syndeo System click here

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This tape can also dimmed/turned On and Off with the use of of our Syndeo sensors listed above in 'Useful add ons you may need'

*Please Note: A maximum run of 3 metres or LED Tape can be achieved from a single port. Compatible with the 12V Syndeo Plug and Play Multiport Driver and Components only and not the Ready to Connect Driver or Components.