Anti Glare Plaster In LED Aluminium Profile, 58mm x 24.6mm


  • Anti-glare effect
  • 58mm x 24.6mm
  • Max Tape Width: 14mm
  • Aluminium Channel
  • Diffuser Included
  • End Caps Sold Separately
From £21.95 - £29.95
( £26.34 - £35.94 inc. VAT )

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Product Details


  • Dimensions (overall WxH): 58mm x 24.6mm - please refer to the dimension drawing for full dimension details
  • Max Tape Width: 14mm
  • Material: Aluminium channel, Polycarbonate diffuser
  • Water Resistance: IP20 Non Waterproof
  • Anodised Anti-Corrosion Finish


  • Architectural Lighting: Used in both commercial and residential spaces to provide accent lighting while maintaining a clean, minimalist design.
  • Retail Spaces: Highlight products without the direct glare that might detract from the displayed items.
  • Office Spaces: Provide lighting in meeting rooms, corridors, or individual workspaces without causing discomfort from direct glare.
  • Art Galleries and Museums: Illuminate exhibits without causing reflections or direct glare that could interfere with the viewing experience.
  • Hotels & Restaurants: Offer mood or ambient lighting in lobbies, rooms, or dining areas.

Additional information:

  • Install using a suitable mounting adhesive or mounting screws
  • End caps sold separately in the 'Useful add ons' section above
  • Available in white
  • Choice of 2 or 3 metre lengths
  • Diffuser included
  • Not suitable for 12mm and 14mm width IP rated LED strip lights. 

Anti-glare plaster-in LED aluminum channels are specialized lighting fixtures that are designed to be seamlessly integrated into a surface, usually a wall or ceiling. They are particularly useful when you want to achieve a sleek, modern look without any visible LED strip edges or protruding fixtures.

The "anti-glare" feature means that these channels are designed to minimize the direct visibility of the LED light source, preventing uncomfortable brightness and light spill when looked at directly.

Anti Glare Plaster In LED Aluminium Channels are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for a range of lighting needs. They combine functionality with modern design, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Hints and tips:


Diffusers will affect the brightness and CCT (colour temperature) of an LED tape when housed in a LED channel or profile. With a semi-clear diffuser 70-75% of the brightness of the installed LED strip light will shine through

As well as the brightness, diffusers will also alter the kelvin temperature of the installed LED strip light by approximately 10%. Opal diffusers will make the kelvin temperature/CCT appear warmer, semi clear diffusers will make the Kelvin Temperature/CCT appear cooler and transparent diffusers will have no effect.

As an example, a 6000K 1000 lumen per metre LED strip light installed inside a metre length of LED channel using an opal diffuser would create a light bar with an overall output of approximately 5600K and 450 to 500 lumens.

Non-spotting finish

To achieve a highly desired non-spotting finish, consider using this profile with an LED tape of more than 160 LEDs per metre or a COB LED strip light. The more LEDs per metre on your chosen strip light, the less chance there will be of a spotting/dotting effect. 

Bespoke lengths available

Ultra LEDs are one of just a few providers in the UK to supply custom channel lengths for easier installation. Simply get in touch for a bespoke quotation.

Perfect for indoor use. 

This profile is made from fully anodized aluminium and is corrosion proof; meaning it's ideal for using indoors in dry and damp environments such as bathrooms, when installed using a suitably IP-rated LED strip light.

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