AXIS Connection System - AXIS-2B 2.1mm Plug Branch Splitter Cable 2 Way (3A)


£3.95 (Inc. VAT)

AXIS-2B 2.1mm Plug Branch Splitter Cable 2 Way

The AXIS system provides a simple and easy solution for connecting LED strip light. Features include easy to use clip on tape connectors with Plug & Play DC cables and a neutral white design.

The AXIS system can work with any of our Drivers/Power Supplies range and most of our LED Strip Light - specifications can be found on our AXIS-8C cable.

The AXIS-2B is designed to split the power from a 12v/24v driver to 2 different runs of LED Strip light, this enables you to use less power supplies. Click here to see compatible plug & play drivers.

You can connect each of these 2 Female DC branch cables to our ACIS-8C Cable or if you prefer you can cut these connections off and solder the wires directly onto your LED tape (to be performed by a qualified electrician).

For compatibility look out for LED Tapes with this logo:
AXIS compatible

• Dimensions: 15cm main cable to 2 x 15cm branch cables
• 1 female DC to 2 x male DC cables
• Maximum 9 Amp Total - Max 3 Amp on each branch