Battery Powered RGB/RGBW Wall Plate White + 5-in-1 Receiver Bundle - 4 Zone


  • 12-24V DC
  • Upto 15.5A
  • For RGB/RGBW LED Tapes
  • Control Upto 4 Zones
  • 30 Metre Control Distance
  • 2 x AAA Battery Powered
£60.54 inc. VAT

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Product Details

RGB/RGBW White Battery Powered Wall Mounted Controller + 5-in-1 Receiver Bundle - 4 Zone

Wall Mounted Controller Specifications

  • Touch panel 4 zone RGB/RGBW RF remote
  • Each zone can remote control multiple 2.4GHz LED receivers
  • Ultra sensitive high strength glass touch panel with touch color slide in the middle
  • Smooth and accurate color adjustment by touching the color slide
  • Touch keys with chord tones and LED indicator
  • Easy installation with no wiring required
  • AAA x 2 battery powered

5 in 1 Receiver Specifications

  • Can control Single Colour, White, CCT, RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT LED tapes
  • WiFi and 2.4GHz Compatibility
  • Voice control via the TUYA app
  • No Need for a gateway between a smartphone and the receiver
  • Timer and schedule function

Designed for a sleek wall mounted finish, this RGB/RGBW LED dimmer and colour changing controller is ideal for adding a versatile and precise element of 2.4GHz wireless control to a domestic lighting installation, featuring an ultra sensitive robust dimming control and touch panel.


Being battery powered means this controller can be easily mounted to any desired surface, as opposed to a mains powered controller, which needs to replace or be installed near a light switch.

The compatible receiver included in the bundle can also be voice and app controlled when used with the Tuya® app. Gateway free wireless smartphone control and a compact slimline design makes installation quick and easy saving time, further providing a professional standard lighting installation.

Featuring a timer function for scheduled on/off functions, music play function to allow your lights to 'dance' and a scene selection via the app to suit your mood.

All complete with a piece of mind 5 year guarantee.

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