5 Stylish LED Strip Lighting Ideas for Your Home

5 Stylish LED Strip Lighting Ideas for Your Home

5 Stylish LED Strip Lighting Ideas for Your Home

5 stylish LED strip lighting ideas for your home

LED strip lights are some of the most versatile lighting solutions out there. They come in all different colours, there are dimmable options, and you can even get waterproof versions that are suitable for outdoor use. So, they can help you to achieve many different looks, whether you're updating your own home or working on an interior design project for a client.

Here, we're going to take you through five stylish LED lighting ideas that can help to completely transform a home. Whether you're looking to bring more light to a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living space, these tips will do the trick.

Add task lighting under kitchen cabinets

If you're looking for some great kitchen LED lighting ideas, we would always recommend adding some task lighting to the underside of your cabinets. Not only will this help your kitchen to look sleek and stylish, but your chosen LED tapes will also come in very handy when you're chopping ingredients or reading a recipe. If the kitchen you're updating feels quite small and dark, it could even be worth adding some lighting around the bottom of your lower cabinets. This will help to open up your space and make the room feel much brighter.

Use LED strip lights to enhance your bathroom

It can be difficult to get bathroom lighting just right, because it needs to serve a number of purposes. Fortunately, we have some bathroom LED lighting ideas that will suit all of your needs perfectly. Backlighting your bathroom mirror with some cool white LED strip lights is a great idea, as it will illuminate your face perfectly when you're going about your grooming routine. You could even add colour-changing LED strip lights around your bath, so you can adjust the settings to suit your mood, whether you need your lighting bright enough to read your favourite book or you would like some warm, dim lighting that makes it feel like you're at the spa.

You should also opt for water-resistant or waterproof versions to ensure they aren't affected by the moisture in your bathroom.

Highlight your best living room features with strip lights

If you're on the search for some stylish LED lighting ideas for a living room, consider using strip lights to add depth to your space. For example, you could fit them to the underside of your bookshelves to highlight your favourite reads and mementos from your travels. Or, if there's an architectural feature that you love — maybe there's some stunning coving around your ceiling or your living room has a lovely fireplace — you can draw attention to it using strip lights. Warm white LED strip lights will typically be the best for this, because they will help your favourite features to stand out, while also helping to make your lounge feel cosy and inviting.

Add accent lighting to your bedroom

If you're after some creative LED lighting ideas for your bedroom, why not consider adding some accent lighting to your space? Most of us will have a main light source, and then maybe a bedside lamp or two, but accent lighting can really add an extra touch of style.

For the biggest impact, accent lighting should be used sparingly to highlight the best features of your room. For example, you could add some backlighting to your headboard or attach strip lights to the underside of your bed.

Just like with your bathroom, you'll still want your space to be calming, as it's where you'll wind down each night before falling asleep. So, warm or neutral white LED strip lights are usually the best choice for a bedroom, but you could also add an LED dimmer for full control. If you're looking to go for something slightly quirkier, coloured or colour-changing strip lights can also work really well.

Add lighting to your storage solutions

Adding LED strip lights to your cupboards and drawers can really help to elevate the experience of getting dressed each morning. Not only will they make you feel like you're staying in a fancy hotel, but they will also make it much easier for you to see what you have in your collection.

For the best results, we would recommend installing LED light strips in your storage solutions along with sensors that will switch your lights on when you open that particular door or drawer. This will help to ensure all of your clothes and accessories are illuminated at just the right time, as well as reduce how much energy they use, because they'll turn off when you no longer need them.

We hope we've been able to give you some great LED lighting ideas that will help you to illuminate your home beautifully. If you would like any further guidance, get in touch with our team. They'll be more than happy to help you bring your vision to life.