Are Festoon Lights Waterproof?

Are Festoon Lights Waterproof?

Are Festoon Lights Waterproof?

Outdoor lighting can be just as important as indoor lighting, and if you want lights that can both illuminate your garden and create the perfect atmosphere for gatherings and special occasions, then festoon lights could be the best choice for you. 

With waterproof festoon lighting, you can also leave these lights in your garden for multiple parties or special occasions without having to worry about them becoming water damaged. This means you can spend more time in your garden with friends and family rather than constantly taking down and reinstalling these lights!

Why Use Festoon Lights?

Why are festoon lights so popular as outdoor lighting? Originally, festoon lights were more common in the United States, but thanks to their old-fashioned charm, they’re now widely available in the UK as well. These garlands of large bulbs are an iconic symbol of old Hollywood glamour and exciting events and celebrations; the word ‘festoon’ actually comes from the Latin word ‘festum’, which means feast! Therefore, the association between festoon lights and parties is very strong, making them perfect for any outdoor celebrations you can think of, or just for livening up your outside space.

Are Festoon Lights Waterproof?

Since festoon lights are used outdoors, their resistance to poor weather conditions is an important factor to consider. Although festoon lightbulbs were much more fragile in the past because they were made of glass, modern festoon lights are often LEDs and made of strong plastic, making them very durable and safe. 

Additionally, modern festoon lights commonly have an IP44 rating. IP (Ingress Protection) ratings show the level of protection that a product has against external elements. The first number displays the level of protection from solid particles on a scale of 0-6 (with a higher number equalling higher protection), and the second number indicates protection from liquids on a scale of 0-9. Therefore, an IP44 rating means that a product is protected against solid particles larger than 1mm and low-velocity sprays of water from every direction, making IP44 festoon lights waterproof.

When Can I Use Festoon Lights?

Since we’ve established that these waterproof outdoor festoon lights can withstand poor weather conditions, you don’t need to worry about using them for garden lighting unless there’s heavy rainfall or stormy weather. This will allow you to hang them up for all sorts of events without worrying about a bit of rain spoiling your decorations. 

Of course, when hosting events in your garden, you would hope that the weather stays as nice as possible. Although British summers can’t always be trusted, this is the best time to host a garden party for all your friends and family and soak up the summer sunshine while playing party games and sipping cocktails. As the party continues into the evening, waterproof festoon lighting can banish the darkness while also adding a fun, playful atmosphere to the event.

This festoon lighting can also add a magical ambience to any birthday party. Hanging these lights between trees or around a pergola can create the perfect place to set an outdoor dining table for a birthday meal in the evening. Waterproof outdoor festoon lights can also be used for big events like weddings - choosing warm-toned festoon lights will mean that they cast a soft, romantic glow in the evening for an outdoor wedding reception.

However, you don’t need an event as an excuse to make use of waterproof festoon lighting. If you love to spend time in your garden, then festoon lighting can illuminate the space while adding some decoration to make it more cheerful and cosy. Since these lights are waterproof, you can keep them in your garden throughout the year and enjoy your outdoor space every evening. 

Round-up: What Are the Pros and Cons of Waterproof Festoon Lighting?

If you’re still unsure about whether you can benefit from these waterproof outdoor festoon lights, then here are the main pros and cons of using them in your garden.

Pro: Festoon lights have an IP44 rating

Many festoon lights, such as the ones from Ultra LEDs, have an IP44 rating, which means they are protected against low-velocity sprays of water. Therefore, you can keep them in your garden during mild-to-moderate rainfall and avoid the hassle of constantly taking them down and hanging them up again. Considering the unpredictability of British weather, this will be a lifesaver!

Pro: These lights are perfect for parties

Waterproof festoon lighting will complete your outdoor party decorations and really amp up the celebratory atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a special event like a birthday party or an impromptu summer garden party, these lights will really liven up your garden and allow you to continue partying even as it gets dark.

Pro: Waterproof festoon lighting is easy to install and customise

It couldn’t be simpler to install festoon lighting in your garden. First, you need to plan where your fixing points will be - don’t place them too far apart or there won’t be enough support for your lights. Then, you need to attach the lights to the fixing points, screw in the bulbs, and connect the lighting to a power source. That’s all there is to it!

When buying waterproof festoon lighting from Ultra LEDs, you have a lot of options to choose from. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from a range of styles, shapes and colours. This will ensure that your lights are perfect for any occasion!

Pro: Garden lighting is an important safety feature

Although festoon lights are great as party decorations, they can also have a more practical function. Outdoor lighting can be very important for safety reasons as it will illuminate any potentially hazardous areas at night, such as steps or ponds. In addition, lighting in your home and garden can deter burglars by making it clear that the house isn’t unoccupied. 

These waterproof outdoor festoon lights themselves also have great safety benefits. Their IP44 rating means that they can withstand poor weather conditions, and the fact that these bulbs are LEDs means that they don’t heat up to dangerous temperatures and they are very unlikely to catch fire. 

Con: Festoon lighting may not withstand heavy rain

One potential issue is that the IP44 rating is not the strongest IP rating and only guarantees protection against low-velocity sprays of water. This means that heavy rain might be too much for these lights and you would need to take them down. 

If you’re anticipating a lot of heavy rain or storms, then you could buy IP65 lights instead to take advantage of the better IP rating. Of course, you could always just stick to your IP44 waterproof outdoor festoon lights and take them down when there will be heavy rainfall. Since these lights are so easy to install, this won’t be too much trouble.

Where Can I Buy Waterproof Festoon Lighting?

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the many benefits offered by festoon lighting, you can find all of the styles and colours you could possibly want at Ultra LEDs. Thanks to the energy-saving capabilities of all lights at Ultra LEDs, you can enjoy high-quality performance without breaking the bank. Search ‘festoon lights uk’ today to learn more about why you should buy these amazing lights!