Creating Custom Neon Lighting Displays

Creating Custom Neon Lighting Displays

Creating Custom Neon Lighting Displays

Neon wall lights are one of the most iconic and eye-catching forms of lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to their colourful appearance, soft glow and nostalgic ambience, neon tube lights have remained popular throughout the decades.

Nowadays, with the use of LED technology, neon lights are more appealing than ever before, especially if you want to create your own custom displays without worrying about complicated installation processes or safety issues.

Keep on reading to learn more about the amazing benefits of neon wall lights, how to create custom neon lighting displays and the best types of neon lights for all applications.

What Are LED Neon Lights?

As suggested by the name, neon lighting traditionally contained neon gas to create its iconic colourful effect. The gas was contained by a glass tube, but since glass can be fragile, there were safety concerns about the glass becoming damaged and releasing the harmful neon gas into the atmosphere. The glass was also prone to overheating, which added to the danger.

Luckily, LED neon lights have solved many of these issues. These lights don’t contain any harmful gases and are encased in durable plastic, which makes them far safer and easier to handle and maintain.

Additionally, LED lights are much longer-lasting and more energy-efficient than traditional types of lighting - an LED Bulb, for example, can last a lot longer than traditional incandescent and halogen lighting and can be up to 80% more efficient than a fluorescent light! This makes them an economical and cost-effective alternative. 

Types of LED Neon Wall Lights

One of the best things about neon lights is that they’re incredibly versatile. Not only can they be used in many different locations, but they also come in a variety of types and styles. 

Here are some of the main types of LED neon wall lights.

Neon Tubes

Neon tubes contain a strip of LED strip light encased in a hard, durable plastic like PVC. These are some of the most common types of neon lighting due to their classic appearance and various installation options.

Most common types of installation include a floor stand, mounting brackets or suspending from above to create a pendant feature.

Our ranges of LED neon tubes cater for many different uses,

we have our standard neon tubes that don’t come with a power or control source as these are generally purchased separately from us to meet the specifications of the installation. Usually used for more advanced display applications.

Custom length neon tubes for ordering custom lengths to fit more precise specifications. Again these don’t come with any power or control source due to their bespoke nature. We tend to supply the power and controls relating to the requirements of the installation.

We also have a plug and play LED neon tube light which is great for the home in gaming set ups, for parties, bedroom lights, home studios and even short term display applications for smaller events.

These tube lights come with everything you need to get set up and simply plug into a mains socket. They also come with the controls needed to change the colours and patterns of your light. which can help you set up your new within minutes.

Many neon tube lights can now be controlled by a remote or, under the right installation, a smartphone. This means you can select your preferred colour and dim the lights whenever you choose.

The video below demonstrates the Plug and Play Neon Tube and it's features:

Neon Flex

Neon flex lights are similar to neon tubes but are much more flexible. Due to their flexible PVC or silicone casing, they can be bent in multiple directions (or even 360°) to fit around any corner or be moulded into any shape. These LED flexible tube lights can also be cut along their cut points so you can achieve your desired length for bespoke lighting projects.

By buying professional IP67 neon flex lights, you can also use them for outdoor lighting due to their greater durability and water resistance. Check out the Ultra LEDs website to browse through our wide range of LED neon flex lights on offer.

The Video Below looks at our Essential Neon Rope 360 bend range and it's applications.

Neon Signs

Perhaps the most well-known type of neon lighting is neon signage. Neon signs are commonly used in outdoor and commercial settings, such as to advertise a business. However, you can also use them indoors in your home to create a cool retro vibe.

Here at Ultra LEDs, you can order customised neon signs to create your own bespoke lighting displays. So, whether you want a sign depicting your business’s logo or a unique design for your home, you’ll be able to get the exact thing you’re looking for.

We also stock some pre made Neon Signs with some designs available for next day delivery.

How to Create Custom Neon Lighting Displays

Since neon wall lights are so versatile, they can be used to create gorgeous lighting displays for both special occasions and everyday decor.

Here are some examples of locations and functions that are perfect for bespoke neon lighting displays:

Commercial Lighting

Traditionally, neon lights have been used to advertise businesses. In the past, the glass neon lights used by businesses would emit a flickering light, which became part of their nostalgic appeal.

On the other hand, LED neon lights offer a much more consistent light source. This means they can be even more eye-catching when advertising your business, which is always a huge plus. 

Most business owners choose to purchase bespoke neon lighting that incorporates their logo or brand name. However, if you want to get creative, you could buy neon flex tubes and try creating your own shapes and displays. All you need to do is bend the tubes into shape and use mounting brackets to attach them to a dry, flat surface. It really couldn’t be any more simple!

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting focuses light on a particular object or area rather than the whole room. LED neon lights are a great choice for this type of lighting due to their versatility and, when they’re plug and play, ease of installation.

For example, you could use neon tube lights or neon flex to line shelves, cabinets and cupboards, particularly in living rooms, bedrooms or studio spaces. This gives a modern, clean look to the space.

If you’re installing neon lights in your bathroom (e.g. around your bathroom mirror), make sure you check the IP rating of the lights. This indicates whether your lights are waterproof, water-resistant and suitable for use in bathrooms or outdoor spaces.

For accent lighting, you may find that neon flex lights are easier to work with. This is because these LED flexible tube lights can be bent into shape and cut to your desired length, which means they can be installed on almost any surface.

Task Lighting 

Similar to accent lighting, task lighting isn’t about illuminating an entire room. Instead, task lighting provides light for a specific purpose or task, helping you complete these tasks more efficiently. 

One example of task lighting is lighting over your desk. Instead of using a regular desk lamp, you could make your home office much more interesting by illuminating your desk with neon tube lights. This would also be ideal for a gaming set-up.

Plug and play neon tube lights are a great choice for those who aren’t fond of DIY. These kits make it much easier to install LED neon lighting by providing everything you need for installation, and once everything is set up, all you’ll need to do is plug in your lighting and enjoy your new custom display with the use of the provided wireless remote.

Neon Lights for Bedroom

Although we often think of neon lighting as bright and intense, it can also provide soft ambient lighting if the light has dimming capabilities. Dimming your neon lights can help you achieve the perfect nighttime lighting for your bedroom, which is fantastic for relaxing in the evening or reading in bed. 

To decorate your bedroom, you could try using neon tube lights as accent lighting on furniture or hang up some neon wall lights. If you’re interested in adding a fun neon sign as a feature in your bedroom, you can find plenty here at Ultra LEDs for a reasonable price.

Christmas Decorations

Many other types of lighting are used for decorations, but LED neon lights are truly the best. You can find a wide variety of shapes and themed neon lights online, but if you want to create your own neon lighting display, neon flex is a fantastic option. Try wrapping these LED flexible tube lights around your display to amp up your decor.

Outdoor Lighting

As long as your neon lights have at least an IP67 rating, they can be used outdoors to elevate your garden decorations. In particular, you can try lining your patio, deck or garden path with neon flex lighting to light up this space at night and create an interesting outdoor feature.

Speaking of interesting features, neon lighting can really amp up your outdoor water features and flower beds. Simply wrap your neon flex lights around these features to make them stand out even more.

The Best Neon Wall Lights

Now that you’ve got some lighting inspiration, you need to find the best LED neon lights to complete your lighting projects. At Ultra LEDs, we stock a huge range of high-quality LED neon lighting at an amazing price, including plug and play neon signs, neon tube lights and more advanced neon flex lights. Order now to fulfil all your lighting needs and take advantage of free delivery on all orders of £75 or more.