How many festoon lights do I need?

How many festoon lights do I need?

How many festoon lights do I need?

Using hanging festoon lights to illuminate your outdoor space can create a truly magical atmosphere, but knowing how to tastefully style your chosen bulbs is easier said than done. Like with most things in life, you can have too much of a good thing, so how do you know how many festoon lights to use during your upcoming event?

While there’s no one right answer to this question, there are a few things you need to think about when styling any outdoor festoon lights in the UK. This article will help you to get the right balance to take your garden from unremarkable to unforgettable.

The size of your space

The number of festoon light bulbs you need will largely depend on how big the space you’re working with is. For example, a small, residential garden will be easily overwhelmed by multiple strings of festoons. When styling a small space, identify key areas where string lights can be hung, such as the side of your house or the roof of your gazebo. Avoid decorating every available surface with festoons and try to limit the number of colours to one or two as well, as this will help you create a more cohesive display.

If you’re styling a larger area for a wedding or commercial property, you will need longer strings of festoon light bulbs to make an impact. Depending on how extensive the outdoor space is, you can even hang multiple rows of festoons next to one another to really illuminate pockets of darkness.

Any other lighting solutions

Having other types of lights in your garden can impact the number of festoons you need. If you already have an outdoor lighting installation, floodlights, or illuminated patio, then stick to just a few strings of festoons. Having too much light in your outdoor space will ruin the ambience of your event - sometimes less really is more.

However, don’t be afraid of switching lights on and off throughout the night. For example, floodlights can come in handy when someone drops a plate of food or loses an earring. Equally, if the fun and games are starting to wind down, switch off your wall lights and let a few extra strings of festoons illuminate your gathering into the night.

Event themes and types

The mood you want to create during your event is going to play a big part in the number of festoon lights you use. A lively, exciting atmosphere is going to need more lights than one that is subdued and understated, while Christmas events are likely to be more colourful and extravagant than a summer barbecue.

You should also think about what your event is going to entail and whether more lighting will be necessary during some parts of the night. Hanging festoon lights and lanterns above the table during dinner can help guests connect more with each other while eating, but as the night draws on you could let your fire pit do most of the work for a more intimate feel.

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