How Plug and Play LED Strip Lights can Enhance a Musical Experience

How Plug and Play LED Strip Lights can Enhance a Musical Experience

How Plug and Play LED Strip Lights can Enhance a Musical Experience

Whether you’re planning a party, creating the ideal gaming setup or simply enjoying a relaxing evening at home, smart colour-changing LED strip lights kits can add the finishing touches to your décor by dancing along to the audio and creating a multi-sensory music experience.

With their RGB colour-changing abilities, Plug and Play LED strip lights, or plug and play LED tape, can amp up the party atmosphere and transform any room in your home. By switching to music mode, these smart LED strip lights can sync to your music and pulsate to the rhythm of the beat, which is perfect for parties, small gatherings, or an immersive gaming experience.

The video below give and overview of the strips and the components that come in the strip kits box.

Best of all, these smart colour-changing LED lights are incredibly easy to install and configure. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing technology and how you can use it to enhance musical experiences in your home.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are an extremely popular home lighting choice due to their energy efficiency, longevity, safety, ease of installation, versatility and style. These energy-efficient lights last a lot longer than traditional incandescent or halogen lighting, and they’re not as prone to overheating and breaking as these more traditional forms of lighting. 

LED tape is often used as task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting in the home. Common applications for these particular Led strip lights include backlighting for TVs, computers and mirrors and lighting around ceiling coving and under staircase treads. Nowadays, thanks to the prevalence of smart RBG colour-changing LED strip lights, these lights are often used as party lighting and key features of interest in a room.

Can LED Strip Lights Play Music?

You’re probably wondering whether you need to connect your smart LED lights to YouTube or Spotify to access the music sync feature. Will this mean that the music plays directly from the lights themselves?

In short no, but in reality, the setup process is much simpler. Many types of smart LED strip lights have a music mode, which you can turn on when you start playing music or switch on the audio for a video game or film.

The receiver that receives signals and colour commands for these LED strip light kits will have a built-in microphone, which switches on during music mode to pick up sounds. Your lights will then dance and pulsate to the sounds they pick up in the room by the receiver, meaning that there’s no need to connect to apps like Spotify.

Make sure you always read the instructions that come with your LED lights to determine how you can install and connect them appropriately.

Enhancing Music With Colour-Changing LED Strip Lights

By dancing along to the rhythm, colour-changing strip lights can create an incredible multi-sensory musical experience. Whether you’re planning a party or simply decorating a room, these LED strips can elevate the atmosphere and enhance any emotion based on the colours and music, including excitement, cosiness and enjoyment.

If you’re interested in purchasing smart LED tape lights, then make sure you take a look at the selection we have available here at Ultra LEDs. We stock a huge range of LED strip lights, colour-changing lights, plug and play kits and LED components, so you’ll have all you need to complete your DIY LED project.

Colour-Changing LED Lights With a Remote or Smart App

To access music mode, most plug and play LED strip tape lights have downloadable smart app available to download from your devices’ app store, so you can cycle through the different modes. In addition to allowing you to select music mode, a smart app will most likely app will let you select your preferred brightness and colour options. Therefore, if you want a specific colour like red, green, blue, yellow or white instead of a colour-changing display, you can easily pick whatever you want.

This is fantastic if you’re hoping to create a particular atmosphere, as warmer colours will set a cosier and more intimate mood than cooler colours.

Connecting Your LED Strip Lights to Your Phone

As previously mentioned, once you’ve connected your lights to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can use the appropriate mobile app to connect to the LED strip lights to adjust the colours and brightness.

On the app, you can also turn on music mode and save colour presets, which allows you to select your preferred ambience for any occasion or space without having to adjust the settings each time. The video below will demonstrate how to connect to the app and access all the modes available.

Some apps will allow you to download music through sites like iTunes and therefore sync the LED lights with this music. Always read the instructions and watch online tutorials to see what’s possible with your chosen lighting solution.

Plug and Play Strip Light Kits

To make it easy for you to complete your LED lighting projects, here at Ultra LEDs we offer all-in-one plug and play colour-changing LED strip light kits. These helpful kits include all you need to complete your installation, including a plug, cable, LED strip reel, smart controller, adhesive clips and instructions. 

If you’re hoping to install LED lights but have no DIY experience, then plug and play kits will be the perfect solution for you. Depending on your budget, you can choose between traditional RGB colour-changing lights controlled by a remote and smart colour-changing strips that can connect to your phone and have many more features such as voice control, the previously mentioned music mode and come in a total length of 10 metres as opposed to 5 metres.

LED Tape Installation

Installing your new LED strip lights could not be easier. First, you will need to locate the cut points on your LED strip reel. This is where you can cut the strips to ensure they are the right length for any surface.

Then, once you have cut your LED strips to the right length, you can simply stick them straight onto a clean, dry surface using the self-adhesive backing, or you can use adhesive clips. To connect multiple strips together for longer surfaces or to go around corners, you can use LED connectors to clip them together and allow the current to pass through.

Finally, you will just need to connect your LED lighting to a power source. The instructions that came with your purchase will give you the necessary information on the appropriate voltage. Make sure you use LED drivers to regulate the power being fed to your strip lights and prevent them from burning out.