How To Dim LED Lights

How To Dim LED Lights

How To Dim LED Lights

Dimmer switches and LED lights go hand in hand. With the flick of a switch, the turn of a dial or a single tap on a smart device you can be in complete control of the lighting and brightness throughout your home.

Can you use a dimmer switch on led bulbs? It’s a common question that gets asked when people are looking for a modern lighting solution and the simple answer is – yes you can! LED bulbs and dimmer switches complement each other perfectly and you won’t need to change much in your home to dim your LED lights effectively.

How Do Dimmers Work with LEDs?

In simple terms, dimmer switches work by reducing the amount of power that reaches your LEDs, much like any other standard dimmer/bulb combination. So, if you’re wondering if you can use an led with a dimmer, the answer is yes, as long as you’re using compatible switches and bulbs. The more you know about dimmer switches, the more you’ll get out of these helpful devices, and understanding how they work is a great place to start.

A dimmer switch for an LED bulb controls the electrical cycle. This means that when it’s turned down to a dimmer setting, it slows down the flow of electricity which creates a lower light effect. In contrast, when you turn the brightness up, the electrical cycle moves quickly and flows much more freely, emitting a brighter, bolder light.  

Benefits of LED dimmer lights

Now you know that you can use LEDs with a dimmer switch, it opens a whole range of home and business benefits. Upgrading to dimmable LEDs comes with numerous benefits, including the ones here:

-          You’ll save energy: Everyone knows that LED bulbs use less energy than traditional CFL or incandescent bulbs, and if you decide to install a dimmer switch you can potentially save even more energy. By simply dimming the lights in your rooms and being in full control of the brightness, you’ll be using less energy and watts, potentially saving you an impressive 18% on your current lighting costs.

-          LED bulb longevity increases: LED bulbs have an estimated life span of between 10,000 and 50,000 hours depending on the type of bulb and its average use. However, installing a dimmer switch with your LEDs can extend the life of any LED bulb, simply because your LEDs won’t be shining as brightly and working as hard when they’re turned down. In short, installing a dimmer could save you more money.

-          Stunning aesthetics: One of the biggest benefits of LED lights, is their ability to completely transform the look and feel of any room. You can choose the fitting, bulb style, warmth, and colour to suit the aesthetic of your home and make it your own. Installing a dimmer switch for your LEDs, however, takes this to the next level. Placing yourself in control of your LEDs with a dimmer means you can alter the atmosphere in your home or business, at the touch of a button. Creating a relaxing living room, a romantic bedroom ambience or enhancing the productivity in your office.

-          Flexible dimming options: There are many different types of dimmer switches available that are compatible with LED bulbs. This means you’re likely to find exactly what you need to match your current home or business décor.

What Kind Of Dimmer Switch Should You Choose?

Head online and you’ll find a wide range of dimmer switches available, however, it’s important to remember that only LED compatible dimmers should be used with LED bulbs with dimmable features. Using a standard dimmer switch to control your LED lighting can lead to circuitry issues within your home, as well as flickering lights and potential damage to your bulbs. To make the most of your dimmable lights, you should invest in a high-quality brand, and choose switches and bulbs with the right capabilities. As well as the additional guidance below:

-          Wattage: Selecting a dimmer with the right wattage rating ensures your lights will dim properly, your bulbs will last longer and you’ll keep your energy consumption low. Select a dimmer with a wattage that meets or exceeds the total wattage of the bulbs it will control. For example:

Number of Bulbs Controlled

Individual Bulb Wattage

Dimmer Wattage Requirement



750W (or higher)

-          Your choice of control style: Modern technology means that there are plenty of control panel options for any home or business. Depending on what you’re looking for in terms of functionality or appearance, you could choose from rotaries and touch-sensitive options, sliders, toggles and rockers or rely a little more on technology and update your home with smart dimmers that are controlled via Wi-Fi and/or a remote. So, those who ask can you use a dimmer switch on led bulbs, may be pleasantly surprised with the wide range of options available to them.

In conclusion…

Updating your home or business with LEDs means benefiting from a lower carbon footprint, lower energy consumption, cheaper bills and the opportunity to style your property with modern, aesthetically pleasing lighting options. Complimenting your LED lights with dimmer switch technology means you can benefit from LED technology as well as enjoying complete control over your lighting solutions.