How to Use Outdoor Neon Flex LED Strip Lights in Your Garden

How to Use Outdoor Neon Flex LED Strip Lights in Your Garden

How to Use Outdoor Neon Flex LED Strip Lights in Your Garden

Garden party season is finally here, so it’s time to spruce up your outdoor space before your guests arrive!

In addition to landscaping, décor and outdoor furniture, what your garden really needs is a long-lasting and versatile lighting solution that’ll help you keep the party going well into the evening. Outdoor LED strip lights, in the form of a durable IP67 Neon Flex, can tick all of these boxes and more.

Neon Flex LED strip lights are some of the most versatile and customisable lighting options available. Simply fix these Neon light strips to any surface in your garden with the use of a mounting bracket or channel and watch them illuminate your space in any colour you’d like.

But are these flexible Neon strip lights safe for outdoor use? Keep reading this helpful guide to discover the benefits of waterproof LED Neon Flex strip lights and how to install and use them in your garden.

Are LED Neon Flex Strip Lights Safe for Outdoor Use?

Yes! Flexible Neon LED strip lights can be used outdoors as long as they’re marked as water resistant. You can tell if strip lighting is waterproof by checking its IP rating.

IP Ratings

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings show how well an electrical item can withstand the intrusion of water and dust particles. The first number refers to protection against solid particles (like dust) on a scale of 0-6, while the second number indicates protection against liquids on a scale of 0-9. The higher the number, the better the protection.

Therefore, if you’re hoping to buy water resistant LED strip lights for your garden, you should look for lights with a rating of IP67 or above. An IP67 rating means the lights can withstand the intrusion of dust particles and splashes of water from any direction, although you definitely shouldn’t submerge these lights in a pool or pond.

Why You Should Use Neon Flex Garden LED Light Strips

Neon Flex LED light strips with an appropriate IP rating are safe for outdoor use but are they the best outdoor lighting option you can find?

Your perfect outdoor lighting will depend on your preferences, but overall, it’s difficult to find another lighting solution with so many benefits and applications. These can be linked to both the versatility and durability of the flexible strips and the superiority of the efficiency and lighting quality of LED lighting.

Here are the main benefits of outdoor Neon Flex LED strip lights:

1) Durability

Neon Flex LED lights with the appropriate IP rating are the best choice for outdoor lighting projects due to their ability to withstand the elements. Our IP67 Neon Flex strip lights are constructed using a soft, flexible yet tough silicone, helping them resist strong winds and heavy rain.

2) Energy efficiency

One of the main benefits of LED lighting is its energy efficiency. For example, LEDs convert around 90% of the electrical energy they receive into light and only 10% is wasted as heat energy, whereas incandescent lights only convert around 10% of electrical energy into light. This energy efficiency lowers your bills and your carbon footprint.

3) Long lifespan

Due to their durability and energy efficiency, LEDs are incredibly long-lasting. In fact, an LED bulb, for example, can last up to 50,000 hours, so you’ll rarely have to replace your lights even if you keep them on all the time. Even though LEDs are more expensive, their long lifespan makes them more cost-effective than other lights in the long run.

4) Versatility

LED lighting comes in a wide range of shapes and styles, including the flexible Neon strip lights we’ve talked about in this article. This type of LED strip light is particularly versatile and customisable thanks to their flexibility, colour options and ability to be cut and trimmed.

As long as you have a solid surface, you’ll be able to install flexible Neon strip lights there. All you’ll need to do is cut them down to size by cutting along the markings on the silicone, or if you’re installing them in a larger space and you need multiple lengths, you’ll just need to power these light strips at different intervals. These Neon Flex LED strips can also bend around corners thanks to their aptly named flexibility, making them the perfect addition to any space.

Garden LED light strips in the form of Neon Flex come in a wide variety of colours, which heightens their suitability for many different occasions. For garden parties, why not choose bright, bold colours like red or blue or even RGB colour-changing lights that can be controlled with a remote or smartphone app? If you want to keep things neutral, you can still have full control over your lights by varying the colour temperatures or dimming them. For a cool, crisp looking space you’ll want cool white lights, and to create a more intimate and cosy ambience you should opt for warm white lights to create a warmer glow.

6) An All in One Lighting Solution

As opposed to a traditional LED Strip Lighting solution with channel, diffuser, end caps, the LED strip itself and all the cabling for corner joins. A Neon Flex strip light solution comes with all those individual components put together, so it saves a lot of time and money when it comes to physical installation.

Neon Flex is also, as the name states, extremely flexible so no need to cut different lengths of channel and diffuser and solder different lengths together to go around corners.

How to Use Water Resistant LED Strip Lights in Your Garden

Choosing water resistant LED lights to decorate your garden is a no-brainer. These lights, and Neon Flex LED strip lights, in particular, are safe, efficient, long-lasting and extremely stylish! 

Here are some ideas to help you think about how to use them in your garden:

Highlighting your favourite garden features

Since Neon Flex LED strip lights can be installed pretty much anywhere, they can be used to highlight almost anything in your garden. So, if you have a feature you want to show off, such as a rockery, decking, a water feature or seating area, try installing some LED Neon Flex light strips around it to enhance the best parts of your outdoor space.

For example, if you have a beautiful seating area with decking and you want to make it the focal point in your garden, you could install strip lighting around the perimeter of this space to highlight it. To make it even more striking, choose a bold single colour like red or use colour-changing lights that you can control yourself. 

If you’re installing lights around a water feature, always make sure they’re fully water-resistant. Check the IP rating on the box or in the product description online.

Lining patios and balconies

Outdoor Neon Flex LED light strips are perfect for lining your garden patio. When you have guests over in the evening, these patio lights will provide just the right amount of illumination whilst also creating an inviting atmosphere, especially if you choose warm white colour temperatures.

Additionally, if you have a balcony, you could install Neon Flex LED light strips around it. Not only will this allow you to enjoy the view from your balcony in the evening, but it’ll also highlight the beautiful architectural features of your home.

Lining pathways and steps

Neon Flex LED strips can also be used for safety reasons since they’re easy to install along pathways and steps. Illuminating these areas will keep you and your guests safe when wandering around at night.

Cool white lights are particularly suitable for safety applications due to their brightness. For extra safety, you can also purchase motion sensors that’ll automatically turn the lights on when you need them.

The Best Outdoor LED Strip Lights

For the best outdoor LED strip lights money can buy, look no further than the Neon Flex LED strip by Ultra LEDs.

This Neon Flex is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it perfect for outdoor use. Thanks to its silicone coating, this IP67 LED Neon Flex is water-resistant, non-flammable, highly resistant to UV, dustproof, resistant to corrosive gases and resistant to extreme temperature conditions. As a result, you can keep your Neon Flex LED strips outdoors for many years without them becoming damaged or discoloured.

Furthermore, the Neon Flex from Ultra LEDs is extremely versatile. These LED strips come in a wide variety of colours to suit any occasion (including warm white, cool white and RGB colour-changing), and they’re also compatible with dimmers, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness. 

These LED Neon Flex kits come with glue, solder-free power connectors and mounting clips with screws, helping you install these lights quickly and easily. What’s more, due to its ability to bend, this Neon Flex can be moulded and shaped to fit any space.

With the right LED lighting solution, you can create an amazing party atmosphere in your garden this summer. Visit the Ultra LEDs website today to get started!