The Rise of the Home Zone

The Rise of the Home Zone

The Rise of the Home Zone

Over the past year, we’ve all spent more time than ever at home, thanks to COVID-19 and lockdowns - many of us have taken this as an opportunity to enhance our living spaces. 

We wanted to explore this in more detail, so we took a survey of 1,007 adults to find out the extent of the home improvements being made…

It turns out that a whopping 85% of Brits have upgraded at least one room in their home into a multifunctional space. In what way, you ask? The following answers topped the list on our survey:

  • Home offices (65%) 
  • Workout / gym spaces (59%)
  • Home school zones (53%)
  • Restaurant zones (42%) 
  • Nightclub / disco areas (35%)

All this has come at an expense for us Brits, with the average spend amounting to £296. However, in most cases, this has proven to be well worth the cost, as the people we spoke to typically spent 36 hours a week in their upgraded ‘home zones’.

Now, what do all these innovative new areas in the home need? Lighting to create the perfect ambiance, of course! Our survey found that 46% of Brits have invested in new lighting or have adapted existing lighting to bring their home zones to life. 

For the 16-24 year olds, the most popular new home zone was a ‘nightclub’ space. They reported that this called for illumination by glow sticks (39%), disco balls (31%) and neon strip lighting (24%) to create the desired atmosphere.

For Brits that made an office space in their home, the all-important desk lamp completed their work area, with 56% of the people we spoke to stating this was their top investment. On the other hand, individuals who styled a restaurant-inspired area in their home opted for candles (34%) and dinner lights (26%) to enhance their eateries.