Ultra LEDs Buyers guide to Festoon Lighting

Ultra LEDs Buyers guide to Festoon Lighting

Ultra LEDs Buyers guide to Festoon Lighting

Festoon LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular as decorative indoor and outdoor lighting, we here at Ultra LEDs have assembled this useful guide to help with your selection of decorative lighting for your party, event, display or general purpose requirements.

An introduction to Festoon lighting

Festoon String options

Bulbs for LED Festoons

Things to consider when purchasing LED festoons

An introduction to Festoon Lighting

As Outdoor festoon lighting grows evermore popular in the UK for parties, weddings, displays and even general outdoor lighting purposes, the demand for the Festoon style of outdoor decorative lighting has increased.

With the increase in demand, there becomes a need for more simple solutions to be taken into consideration. We have recognised this need and have moved forward by stocking pre selected LED festoon kits which include with a Festoon String, Hooks, power cable and bulbs included to get you up and running with minimal hassle. As well as these pre selected kits we also offer individual festoon strings with the option of adding your desired bulbs with the aim of providing a build-your-own decorative outdoor lighting solution.

LED festoons are great for any occasion and can be used indoors or outdoor providing they have and  

Festoon String Options

Our Festoons strings comes in a variety of different lengths for your purpose, choosing a festoon string to suit your purpose is relatively straight forward, You will need a string long enough to cover the area you are trying to decorate. Our festoon strings come with hooks so you can suspend the string from any appropriate mounting surface.

We currently stock LED Festoon string in a variation of sizes, being 7.5 Metre, 10 Metre, 15 Metre, 20 and 50 Metre lengths, meaning we have a festoon string length to suit any occasion.

These festoon length options also come with different bulb spacing options, these are 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm spaces, which is to be considered if a certain spacing for the bulbs is required for your needs, the smaller the spacing , the more dense the lighting will be when suspended. All our festoon strings contain a B22 Bayonet Bulb Fitting.

Bulbs for LED Festoons

As well as the complete LED festoon Kits we offer, we also offer weatherproof festoon bulbs to allow you to decide on individual colour combinations if required.

Commonly our LED festoon bulbs come in a G45 or standard GLS shape with a B22 fitting and the bulbs we stock for festoons are plastic and therefore less prone to breakage and offer greater weather resistance if they are used outside. Below are examples of the LED festoon bulbs we stock.

White and Multicoloured Standard GLS Weatherproof Bulbs, available in 3000K, 6000K, Red, Blue and Green

White and Multicoloured Standard G45 Weatherproof Bulbs, available in 3000K, 6000K, Red, Blue and Green, these offer a smaller more compact bulb.

Things to consider when purchasing your LED festoons

When making your purchase of LED bulbs, there are some aspects to take into consideration to make your installation as safe and efficient as possible.

How big is the area to be covered?

Always consider the are you are trying to cover, the will allow you to design and plan the correct length of string required. If you were to select a string that is far too long, it may require overlaps, which could potentially be dangerous if bulbs are too close together. Try and plan you space as accurately as possible.

How far would you like the lighting to drape?

Given the required length, take into consideration if you would like the lights to drape, for example if you would like a draped effect, if may be worth selecting a longer string to achive this.

How will the bulb spacing effect the installation of your festoon string?

Once the length has been considered, it’s also worth selecting adequate bulb spacing as the smaller spacing will add to the drape as it will have more weight from the bulbs. On the subject of weight it is important to make sure the areas the string are to be suspended from is sturdy and can take the weight of the festoon string when suspended. This is to avoid any instances of the festoon string falling down.

Can your festoon string be powered from a safe, dry power source?

While the festoon display may be weatherproof, the power source may not be. For example if you are using an extension lead, it is important that this is housed in a safe dr environment and not outside with the festoons where exposure to rain may occur.