What is IP65 Nano Technology?

What is IP65 Nano Technology?

What is IP65 Nano Technology?

LED technology is constantly on the move, rapidly becoming more efficient, reliable and user-friendly as the years go on. While this is great news for customers everywhere, it can be difficult to get to grips with so many advancements when you’re looking to buy a new set of lights. From the shape of the bulb to the ways they can be mounted, LEDs are available in a huge range of styles, making them one of the most versatile lighting solutions available.

If you’ve recently come across the term ‘IP65 Nano Technology’ and aren’t sure exactly what it means, then this guide will take you through everything you need to know. At the end, you’ll be able to make the best buying decision for your project, whether it involves outdoor event lighting or kitting out a new bathroom.

What does IP65 Nano Technology mean?

One of the best waterproofing solutions on the market, IP65 Nano Technology is a new way of keeping your lighting fixtures safe from moisture. After being treated with a special substance, the IP65 Nano LED strips look just like ordinary, non-waterproof (IP20) lights. They deliver the same level of protection as more traditional thicker gel coatings without compromising on their clean, minimalistic appearance, overall tape size or brightness. Meaning they can easily fit into LED channels without compromising space, as opposed to a chunkier Silicone sleeved alternative. 

Why is IP65 Nano Technology better than standard waterproofing?

If you’ve been satisfied with waterproof LED strips in the past, you might be wondering whether it’s worth making the switch. After all, while nano technology sounds impressive, does it really improve on something that does the job anyway? Here are some reasons why IP65 nano lights are the best option around:

Easier to work with

Unlike other waterproof LED strips, Nano IP65s can be easily cut and soldered, which makes them ideal for more complex installations. Their innovative varnish is incredibly thin and flexible, so longer strips can easily be adjusted to suit the measurements you need. Traditional thicker gel coatings are not only tough to cut and work with, but they’re also not designed to be used in tighter spaces given their bulkier silhouette. Nano IP65 Technology is made with versatility and convenience in mind, helping you to get your lighting installation up and running more quickly. Once cut the tape will need to be sealed again using either heat shrink or silicone to avoid any moisture contacting the PCB.

Invisible look and feel

Not only is the Nano IP65 varnish easy to work with, but it’s also completely invisible once it’s sprayed onto LED strips. Drying to a clear finish, this ultra-thin coating leaves your lights looking just like their non-waterproof counterparts. This gives your room or outdoor space a sleek, minimalistic look, so if aesthetics are high up on your list of priorities, IP65 tech is for you.

But it’s not just the strip itself that benefits from the coating’s transparency. Because nano varnish doesn’t contain any epoxy, your LED strips will be much better at dissipating heat. This means that your lights will look brighter and maintain their original colour, whether that’s warm, cool or neutral white. Traditional epoxy waterproof coatings often distort the colours of LED chips, causing them to darken over time.


Despite being thinner than classic epoxy gel coatings, the Nano IP65 varnish is actually more durable and longer-lasting. Its innovative make-up means that your LEDs will be protected from both moisture and mechanical damage, helping your lights to stay in good working order for up to 50,000 hours. This makes them an economical choice, as they won’t need replacing for years to come, saving you both time and money.

Where can Nano Waterproof LED Strip Lights be used?

Thanks to their hard-wearing waterproof qualities, nano IP65 strip lights can be used almost anywhere. They’re particularly well-suited to damp environments, making them ideal for fitting inside bathrooms or along kitchen cabinets. IP65 nano strip lights can even be mounted on garden furniture and terraces to illuminate outdoor spaces. It doesn’t matter if your display is designed for decorative, architectural or advertising purposes, nano IP65 technology gives every project a professional, high-quality finish.

Are IP65 Nano LED strips suitable for outdoor use?

While the coating will protect your lights from moisture and splashes, your IP65 LED strips shouldn’t be left outside uncovered. If your strips are mounted under a canopy or on a covered terrace, then they should have enough protection from the elements to stay in good working order. However, leaving them exposed to heavy rain or even submerged underwater will greatly reduce their lifespan. For these kinds of installations, you’ll need to invest in LEDs with a higher IP rating. It doesn’t matter which coating you choose, both nano and epoxy finishes that are rated at IP65 can only withstand so much water exposure.

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