What is PIR Technology and How Does it Work?

What is PIR Technology and How Does it Work?

What is PIR Technology and How Does it Work?

You may not be aware of it, but you’ve probably been encountering some form of PIR detection technology, such as motion sensor flood lights, in your everyday life for years now. In fact, infrared technology is a bigger part of our lives than you may realise and has been offering security and convenience for people around the world for a long time now.

After all, infrared (IR) sensors are used for remote controls, security measures created to detect movement through infrared radiation, and even the simplest of home features like automated garage doors. And they’ve become an integral part of modern living in the process.

Understanding PIR Technology for Commercial and Residential Uses

While burglar alarm systems, LED floodlights and other types of PIR detection technology have helped to keep businesses and homes secure over the years, there are still new methods of detection and advancements being made. These help keep people safe and make them aware of the presence of others.

PIR technology can also be applied on much smaller scales for domestic use, such as in the Syndeo Lighting System. Using a Syndeo PIR sensor on projects can help save money and energy usage due to the sensor turning the lights on and off when not in use, meaning the lights are only on when necessary.

This coupled with LED technology will make an extremely efficient lighting installation. This type of sensor, when coupled with a Syndeo Driver, can be used to control LED cabinet lights, light bars and LED strip lights associated with the Syndeo system.

However, before you can find the right PIR sensor technology for your needs, it’s important to know what you’ll gain from installing things like outdoor flood lights for your business or bright LED strips along the fixtures of your home.

So, what exactly is PIR technology? And why has it become one of the most well-known alarm methods for domestic and commercial buildings alike? Can they provide any other benefits beyond protection? If so, what are they?

Below is a guide to understanding what PIR sensor technology is, how it works, and how it’s of benefit to your home in more ways than one.

What is PIR Technology?

PIR technology stands for passive infrared technology. Essentially, PIR technology uses passive infrared sensors constructed from a range of solid-state sensors, which are made from materials able to create a voltage once exposed to heat.

PIR sensors are able to recognise when infrared light is emitted nearby, making them an ideal thermal sensory application for security measures, outdoor flood lights, and other motion-detecting needs.

If you’ve ever walked past some motion sensor flood lights and they’ve lit up to recognise you being there, you’ve already seen PIR sensor technology in action.

How does PIR Technology work?

PIR technology utilises pyroelectric sensors, which detect the heat energy surrounding any given environment. The two sensors work as a pair, sat side by side. If a person should enter a room or get close enough to the sensors, the sensors will engage.

Engaging this sensor can either turn on outdoor flood lights (in the case of motion sensor flood lights), trigger a security alarm, or even notify the necessary authorities about the sensor being engaged.

Infrared radiation uses a series of lenses that work to expand the sensing capacity of the two pyroelectric sensors, which helps the sensors to stay on for a set amount of time in the event of movement being detected.

Despite the innovative and sophisticated methods that the PIR technology (like LED security flood lights) makes use of, the process of setting them up and using them is very straightforward and practical. All you really require are a power source and an area for the sensor to produce an output powerful enough to be used via a microcontroller.

PIR Technology Applications

There are multiple uses for PIR technology, and they’re used by homeowners and business owners alike. Generally speaking, you’ll find PIR sensor and bright LED tech in any of the following areas:

Security Alarms

PIR sensors are ideal for detecting the infrared light any person or moving object can emit. These alarms can be utilised for indoor or outdoor home protection or to provide more security to warehouses, lots, and other work-related buildings.

PIR technology can also be linked up to a network device or remain a standalone method of security. And with modern advancements, many even come with technologies that can sense animals, eliminating those pesky alerts triggered by pets and other animals.

Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Whether it’s for security measures or pure convenience, motion sensor flood lights are a popular addition to any modern home. With LED security flood lights, homeowners can gain more peace of mind about protecting their homes, and business owners can implement a simple but innovative approach to their outdoor flood lights.

Furniture Lighting

As previously mentioned, It’s not all about LED security flood lights. Protection and convenience aren’t exclusively outdoor options anymore. With innovative and stylish indoor lighting available, PIR sensors in the Syndeo System range can create a fantastic lighting environment indoors on wardrobes, vanity mirrors, furniture, and other home fixtures.

Indoor PIR sensors like these can come in a range of sizes, lengths, and watts per metre, with multi-port drivers and connectable bars to suit the needs and measurements of any modern home. In fact, you can even control your light fixture strips using PIR sensors.

The Benefits of Embracing PIR Technology

While understanding how PIR technology works and how PIR sensors can be applied to security and style in just about any property is important, it’s also vital to understand the other benefits of embracing the innovations of infrared technology.


Not only are bright LED security technologies and PIR systems far more cost-effective in comparison to some other traditional home and business security measures, but the required power to keep them running is extremely low.

As PIR sensors turn on and off according to movement around the sensing area, they also help to conserve energy, lowering the potential costs of running security compared to other forms of protection. In other words, you can get the benefits of outdoor flood lights without having to pay a fortune to maintain them.

Smart use of Power

With security measures like PIR motion sensor flood lights, the lights can remain on until an individual is no longer within the sensing area that you’ve fitted in your home or externally for security purposes. Once the person is gone, any motion sensor flood lights or other sensors will be turned off.

This simple but smart usage of power allows simple but effective functionality that’s safe and smart, providing good use of your energy and eliminating unnecessary wastage.

Easy to Install

Setting up and installing PIR technology is simple and straightforward. You won’t require the help of a professional and there’s no waiting around for someone to come and set up your motion sensor flood lights, bright LED home fixtures, or anything else you want to install.

Greater Accuracy

With the ability to detect moving objects in the dark and pick up on anything that approaches without the need for direct contact, the right kind of PIR technology can provide you with more accuracy than ever before. That additional accuracy also comes in the form of sensing bodily heat, helping to avoid unnecessary use of power and eliminate the issues of problematic lighting that goes on at the slightest motion.

PIR Technology, Security Lights and Innovation: Final Thoughts

From the extra peace of mind that can come from installing outdoor flood lights to the added style and ambience of some well-fitted bright LED sensors on your furniture, there’s no limit to what PIR technology can do for your home.

So, whether you’re searching for outdoor wall LED security or LED security flood lights to help protect your home or place of business, or you’re simply after a convenient way of saving energy and reducing your lighting bills, PIR sensor lights are the ultimate combination of security, dependability, and comfort.