Why Choose Festoon Lighting for Garden Parties

Why Choose Festoon Lighting for Garden Parties

Why Choose Festoon Lighting for Garden Parties

Planning a garden party takes a lot of time and effort. From organising the guest list to figuring out the food, it’s all too easy to forget about decorations and other small touches to make your night extra special. One of the best ways to create an unforgettable atmosphere is by using outdoor party lights to really set the mood. It doesn’t matter what the season is or the time of day, festoon lights are sure to draw the eye of every guest for a truly memorable event.

If you’re new to outdoor lighting or aren’t sure if festoons will be right for your needs, this guide will help you to make the right decision. Festoon lights are some of the most versatile, accessible options out there, making them perfect for a huge range of events. Discover everything they have to offer and set your garden party apart from the rest.

What are festoon garden party lights?

Also known as string lights, café lights or outdoor party lights, festoons are basically lots of individual bulbs strung together. They’re similar to fairy lights, but instead of small dots of light, festoons typically have larger globes to make them more visible outdoors. Popular with restaurants and shops with outdoor areas, festoons are ideal for creating ambience at home. Outdoor events they can be used for include:

  • Garden parties
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Summer barbeques
  • Alfresco dining
  • Family get-togethers

It doesn’t matter what special event or celebration you have planned, festoon lights can be used all year round to brighten up your outdoor space. Even if you’re not having guests over, your outdoor party lights can really brighten your day while you enjoy a drink on the patio after work.

Benefits of festoon outdoor party lights

If you’re not convinced that festoon lights have more to offer than a little bit of decoration, then you’ll be pleased to know they have many benefits to offer. Here are some reasons why festoon strings make the best outdoor lights:

Easy to use

Whether plug-in, battery-operated or solar-powered, festoon lights are incredibly easy to use and install. There’s no need to invest in expensive tools or start rewiring your home, as festoons can be quickly strung up around canopies, walls and garden furniture. Complete festoon kits contain everything you need to get set up, making them perfect for the low-maintenance homeowner looking to spruce up their outdoor space.


Some outdoor lights are designed to deter intruders or prevent slips and falls, but these are much too harsh for special occasions. When it comes to ambient lighting, festoon strings are perfect for the job. Coming in warm, very warm and extra warm white, festoons help you to achieve a soft glow that’s understated and atmospheric.


Despite their delicate appearance, LED festoon lights are actually incredibly hard-wearing. Depending on the model you buy, your festoon bulbs could last for up to 50,000 hours, meaning they might not have to be replaced for ten years or more. Many garden party lights are also equipped with shatterproof bulbs and extra strong cables to stand the test of time.


It’s only natural to have safety concerns when using electrical lighting outside, but outdoor party lights are very safe. All you need to do is pay close attention to the IP rating of the festoons you buy. This will tell you how waterproof your string lights are and whether they’re suitable for long- or short-term use. Some lights will be better suited to being installed under a covered area, while others can withstand all weathers, so make sure you know which ones you need before you buy them.


Festoon lights aren’t designed to be one-size-fits-all, which is why they come in so many different varieties. If you aren’t sure the strings you’ve seen so far are right for you, then make sure you shop around. Festoon LEDs come in different colours and, while white is the most common, you can also find bulbs in blue, red, yellow and green. You can mix and match bulbs or even try different shapes and sizes depending on the display you want to create. Festoon strings are always available in different lengths while accessories like splitters and extension cables make installing your lights much easier.

Outdoor party lighting ideas

The only limit to creating the garden party of your dreams is your imagination. But if you’re struggling to think up ways to make the most of your festoon string lights, here are some ideas to start you off:

  • Illuminate trees: Wrapping outdoor lights around tree trunks or weaving them through branches can create a whimsical atmosphere. Alternatively, hide your lights in shrubs and bushes if your garden has less foliage.
  • Transform canopies: Does your garden have a patio or covered seating area? Festoons can be used to highlight and emphasise the most important places in your outdoor space. Guests will feel cocooned by the lights, making this idea ideal for dark evenings.
  • Connect buildings together: String lights can be hung from your shed all the way over to your home or perhaps a gazebo. Use festoons to create pathways of light along the length of your garden. This works particularly well in smaller areas.

Buy outdoor festoon lights UK

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