Why LED strip lights are the hottest bedroom lighting trend

Why LED strip lights are the hottest bedroom lighting trend

Why LED strip lights are the hottest bedroom lighting trend

Bedrooms are a place to relax and unwind after a long day, which means you should put some serious thought into the atmosphere you’re creating with your lighting and décor. While it’s important to style your bedroom in a way that’s conducive to sleep, don’t forget to add modern touches that will really make your space sing. If you’ve been searching for a way to change up the most important room in your home, then hopping on the trend of LED strip lights could bring you all the satisfaction you need.

Regardless of how much DIY experience you have or how big your space is, LED strips can help you to create the bedroom of your dreams. In this blog, we’ll explore exactly what LED strips are, why they’re so great and even offer some styling tips to get you started.

What are LED strip lights?

Made using LED bulbs and a flexible circuit board, LED strip lights are a versatile home lighting solution that can be installed in just about any room. The strips can be as long or as short as you need and often come with self-adhesive backing to make setting up your display a breeze. While you can buy LED bulbs for fixtures you might already have around the home, strips allow you to unleash a new level of creativity.

Different types of LED strip lights

LED strips come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours, making some better suited than others for use as bedroom lights. To help you zero in on the best strip lights for the job, here are some of the variations you could consider:

  • Coloured bulbs: LED strips are typically available in warm, cool and neutral white, but it’s incredibly easy to find coloured bulbs as well. These can be used to create single-colour displays or combined for a more eclectic finish.
  • Dimmable bulbs: Can’t decide between neutral and warm white? Dimmable LED strips allow you to adjust the intensity of your light as needed.
  • Light bars: Unlike classic LED strips that are made up of lots of individual bulbs, light bars deliver a solid beam of light. They’re less flexible than strips, but can work well for illuminating furniture.
  • Neon flex: Similarly to light bars, neon flex LEDs emit a solid glow, but they’re much more flexible. They can easily and safely be bent and twisted into different shapes for more creative displays.

Benefits of LED lights for bedroom décor

There are a whole host of reasons that make LED strips ideal for using as bedroom lights. If you’re not already sold on their design, these benefits might just change your mind.

Easy to adjust

The last thing you want in your bedroom are lights that you have to get out of bed to turn on and off. If you’re planning on having a number of LED strips in your room, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can adjust them all at the same time using a central remote control. Whether you need to dim your display or change its colour, you’ll be able to do everything from the comfort of your covers.


Energy efficiency is always a good thing, but it can be even more useful if you’re prone to drifting off to sleep in the middle of reading a book. Instead of worrying about how much money your LED strips are costing you when your eyes are closed, you can rest easy knowing that you’re spending only a fraction of what traditional incandescent bulbs would cost you.


As mentioned before, LED light strips are available in many different styles and colours, making it easy to customise the display you have in your bedroom. Bright white lights won’t always work when you’re trying to relax, so make sure you choose softer warm white or yellow bulbs to illuminate your sleeping space.


Changing one of the light bulbs in your ceiling light fixtures is never a particularly enjoyable task, especially if your light goes out just as you’re ready to crawl into bed. Luckily, you won’t have to change the bulbs in your LED light strip very often. With the ability to last for up to 50,000 hours, your strips should last you for years to come, depending on how often you use them.

Instantly effective

Some types of lights take a while to warm up before they brighten your room, which can be frustrating at night. LED strips will always get right to work as soon as you switch them on, allowing you to see clearly without waiting around.

How to style LED bedroom lights

Now you know why LED strips are so popular in bedrooms, it’s time to think about exactly how you want to display them. Here are some ideas you could consider:

LED strip lights for bedroom ceiling

Installing LED strips on your ceiling will provide you with the perfect amount of soft, indirect light to illuminate your nighttime routine. You might decide to use different colours or stick your strips on just one or two sections of the ceiling. There’s also no need to worry about the installation, even if you have high ceilings, as most LED strips will just stick right onto any surface for a seamless, hassle-free process.

Pair LEDs with other types of lighting

If your bedroom already has wall lamps or bedside lamps, LEDs can be used alongside them. Having additional light in your room doesn’t necessarily mean the space will be too bright, rather it can help you to create a more consistent ambience that isn’t focused in any one place. Your bedside lamp might be perfect for reading a book, but your LED strips will allow you to see the rest of your room more clearly too. There’s no need to limit yourself to just one light source, so make sure you mix and match to find what works for you.

Illuminate skirting boards

An LED strip can be a great wall light, especially if it’s installed right along your skirting boards. This gives your bedroom a sleek, contemporary look that won’t disrupt the rest of your décor. An innovative way to create ambience, illuminating skirting boards can also help you to stay safe should you wake up in the night and need to get out of bed. The perfect adult alternative to night lights, you’ll be able to safely make your way out for a glass of water without waking yourself up too much.

Discover LED lighting today

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