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All our products are guaranteed – in many cases up to 3 or even 5 years. Just check the listing on the individual product page. Keep your proof of purchase.

Our stuff is pretty good so guarantee claims are rare but they do sometimes happen. If you think a product has failed or is not working correctly. simply give us a call to explain or email We will initially try to diagnose over the phone and sometimes we will ask you  to send stuff back for testing.

 Only the things you would expect are excluded, which are: incorrect installation; use of the wrong voltage or current (e.g. powering 12v tape with a 24v driver or under specifying a driver); faulty wiring; conflict with components not specified by and purchased from us for the relevant job; damage caused by continued use or attempted repair (without our authority) after you noticed the problem; exposure to excessive heat (please ensure tape and drivers are adequately ventilated and tape dimming/voltage adjusted as necessary); vibration; water (unless correctly IP rated); salt/salty air; or chemicals. Please note that guarantee does not apply to any natural deterioration in the brightness or colour-trueness of the LED tape over time. In addition, non-illumination of up to 1% of the individual transistors in LED tape is within the expected tolerance and is not a warranty issue. Failures above this rate are covered.

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