Pendant Lights

Browse the pendants at Ultra LEDs, where you'll find quality bulbs for your pendant or drop lights. These products are smart and stylish — ideal for modern or retro interiors at home or in commercial spaces.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Pendant lights — also known as drop lights — are one of the best types of statement lighting. Thanks to their bold look and ability to draw the eye, they make for a fantastic focal point in a room. So, screw in one of our pendant bulbs and illuminate your stylish space.

Not only does a pendant light look great but, because they hang down at a distance from the ceiling, they're capable of creating an intimate, bright, and warming glow for a pleasing look. And, many of our pendant products are dimmable LED bulbs, so you can set your lighting level as close to your ideal ambiance as possible.

We have various types of LED drop light bulbs available, so you can match your style to your interior. Plus, we stock products with a variety of wattages and ratings so you can choose the one that matches the practical needs of your space.

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We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £75. If you need your bulbs urgently, we can also provide next day delivery. Browse the pendant light bulbs on offer here and make your purchase with us today.