RGB LED Strip Light Kits

Browse the RGB LED strip light kits at Ultra LEDs, where you'll find sets containing all you need to install and operate coloured LED strip lights. We also have white LED strip light kits as part of our LED strip light kits collection.

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1 Item(s)

If you're looking for an easy LED installation, you'll be happy to know these kits are very convenient and allow you to get on with your project with no need to shop around for individual parts. Plus, many of these products are so easy to install that it’s just a case of plug and play for instant lighting solutions.

We stock RGB LED strip starter kits that cater to all needs. So, whether you need a basic neon tape, driver, and mounting set, or a more complex RGB LED kit with a remote control, we have you covered. You can always pick up extra RGB LED strips, accessories, LED controllers, or LED drivers from the rest of the range.

Explore the products here to find your ideal RGB LED strip kit. We also offer free UK delivery on all orders over £75, so you're guaranteed great value shipping. We also have next day delivery available if you need your supplies more urgently. Shop today.