Plug and Play Syndeo Lighting from Tagra®

Here at Ultra LEDs, you’ll find plug and play Syndeo lighting from Tagra®. You no longer need an electrician to fit these light installations with this complete, easy-to-use LED technology: simply attach it to your surface, plug it into a power supply, and you’re done.

Our range is centred around the innovative plug and play Syndeo multi-port driver, which allows you to power multiple LED light bars and spotlights using just one power supply. This makes it ideal for lighting kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shelving, and more.

You can also fully customise your plug and play lighting using our Syndeo sensor controls and dimmers to get the exact mood and look you want, all at the touch of a button.

All our LED Syndeo products are 12v to ensure cross-product compatibility. Plus, the slim line driver can easily be concealed within furniture to give you a sleek and tidy finish.

Our Syndeo collection also features our specialist cable connectors and extension cables, so shop the range today and get free UK delivery when you spend over £75. We also have next day delivery options available.