G9 LED Bulbs (240v)

Perfect for use in domestic or commercial properties adding primary light or ambience at a fraction of the energy cost. These new technology LED G9 bulbs give out a warm light, ideal for a variety of applications.

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1 Item(s)

What are G9 LED bulbs?

With a compact design and bi-pin fitting, our low-energy consumption G9 LED bulbs have been developed to be direct replacements for halogen counterparts; G9 bulbs and are a popular addition to our light bulbs range. Their small size and high light output makes them perfect for use in both decorative lighting and more practical applications. Suitable for use in domestic or commercial properties for either ambient or primary lighting, these G9 bulbs provide a warm light at a fraction of the energy.

What types of g9 bulbs do Ultra LEDs offer?

Our range of G9 bulbs offer a bright, warm white with a variety of brightnesses and wattages from 2.5w to 4w. We also stock dimmable G9 bulbs.


How many lumens is a 40w g9 bulb?

A 40 watt G9 halogen bulb typically offers 240 lumens of brightness. Due to their lower energy consumption, an LED G9 bulb with the equivalent luminosity would be the 4w LED G9 bulb.