Syndeo Sensor/Switches

Here at Ultra LEDs, we stock a selection of Tagra Syndeo sensors and switches that are ideal for automating your lighting or making it more user friendly. You can count on these products to perform a reliable role in your system.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Whether you need a PIR infrared sensor or a touch control to switch your LED strip lights on and off, you'll find a variety of quality products from Tagra in this Syndeo range.

The Tagra Syndeo range is known for its fantastic build quality and innovative design, and that's reflected in all the components here. They're one of the best brands around, so you can trust them to deliver products that match and exceed your expectations.

These switches and sensors make up part of our Tagra Syndeo LED system collection, where we also have Syndeo drivers, cable connectors, and extension cables available for your project.

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