LED Festoon Lights

LED Festoons are a decorative chain of lights which can be used to lighten up your outdoor space, either during the festive season or for parties, weddings, BBQ’s, beer gardens and outdoor eating areas. Colour is the key to attractive festoon lighting and each chain can have white, or a single coloured or a multi-coloured bulb theme. Ultra LED’s festoons come in either black or white, and range from 10.5m to 53m, with bulb spacing from 50cm to 1m.

From temporary decorative lights for the festive season to a more permanent ambient feature in your garden, festoon lights are a cost-effective, retro LED technology trend that are making a comeback.

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12 Item(s)

What are Festoon lights?

LED Festoons are a decorative chain of LED lightbulbs which can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its high IP rating. Whether for the festive season or for parties, beer gardens or outdoor eating areas, LED festoons offer an attractive, ambient lighting solution for your home or business. Choose from white, single colour or multi-colour bulbs to complement your theme.

festoon lighting

Our festoon chain cable is available in either black or white and ranges from 10.5m to 53m, with bulb intervals from 50cm to 1m. Bulbs are available in GLS or globe shapes and in various colours including warm white, cool white, red, green, blue and yellow.

What types of festoon bulbs are available?

Our range of festoon bulbs and cabling have large bayonet B22 fittings.

Our coloured golf ball bulbs are available in green, red, blue and yellow. Our white bulbs are available in cool or warm variations in either GLS or golf ball shape.


What is a festoon cable?
A festoon cable is an electrical cable with many bulb sockets placed at regular intervals, creating a garland of bulbs commonly seen in fairgrounds or outdoor parties.

Can you use festoons outdoors?
Many of the festoon lighting we stock is water resistant and so is suitable for use outdoors. However, as with all outdoor installations be sure to check the Ingress Protection or IP rating of the festoons you wish to use.

The IP rating of an electrical product refers to its degrees of protection from solids or liquids in its electrical enclosures. When installing LED lighting systems outdoors we recommend only using products with an IP rating of 65 or above, however, for lighting more exposed to weather we recommend using products with an IP rating of 67.