LED Strip Lights

Ultra LEDs offer a vast range of LED Strip Lights and LED Tape options that are sold by the metre.

These flexible products are supplied with a self-adhesive backing and are available in either single or varying colour settings, all available in 5 meter reels.

Our LED strip lights allow you to transform any space in your home easily and effectively and really are the ideal way to show off your creativity. The LED light strips can be fitted without any previous electrical knowledge or experience, simply plug them in enjoy the result – it’s a easy as that.

Available in a range of colours and lengths, it couldn’t be easier to create the look you desire and whether you’re looking for something quick and simple to illuminate your kitchen or bedroom, or perhaps you want to create a light feature, LED strip lights are the obvious way to light-up your home, office or work space.

With a 30 day returns policy and 5 year guarantee on our products, you can buy with peace of mind when you shop with us. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

LED Strip Light - Installation Guide

Can I trim the LED strips?

Yes you can trim them onto the copper dots or solder joints. For 12v LED tape it is every 3 LEDs, for 24v it is every 6 LEDs.

What power supply do I use for my LED Tape?

The wattage of the LED tape is written on our product descriptions. You will also need to match the Voltage of the tape with the Voltage of the power supply, it will be either 12v or 24v.

To find out which power supply you need you can multiply the wattage of the tape by how many metres you will be using. For example, if you’re using a tape which draws 4.8w per metre and you will be using 3 metres, then you will need a power supply which is above 14.4w.

How do I connect my LED strip to the power supply?

There are several ways you can connect your LED Tape light to a power supply. Most of our Standard range power supplies include a Male DC connection on one end and to connect this to your tape you can use a U2.1FEM, which converts the wires into a Female DC connection. You can also use one of our AXIS-8C cables which integrate a Female DC plug.

How can I run more than 5 metres of LED Tape?

When trying to run too much LED tape in one go you get what is called ‘voltage drop’, the LED tape will start dimming gradually past the voltage drop point. With 12v tape this is around the 5 metres and with 24v tape this is around 7 metres.

How do I mount the LED strip to the wall?

All of our strip, except the waterproof, are self adhesive, so you just peel and stick. We also have Aluminium strip casing in clear and semi clear cover for a more professional look which also protects your strip.

Can I use strip on a dimmer switch?

All of our strips are compatible with dimmer switched, but you will need to use a dimmable transformer. We have the correct transformers listed on the product pages.


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