LED Neon Flex Mini

Browse the range of LED neon flex mini at Ultra LEDs, where you'll find a slimmer, more compact version of our neon flex. This product is ideal for more intricate installations thanks to its greater flexibility and smaller size.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

When you need neon flex for a more complex, elaborate project, such as within signage, it can help to have mini neon flex at hand. Measuring 10mm x 15mm, this product can be adapted easily and manipulated to suit your design.

Despite its smaller size, LED neon flex mini still benefits from bright and even illumination along its length. Plus, it's splash-proof to IP65 and can be cut perfectly to size. We have a full colour range, including white, RGB, and colour changing neon flex mini, available at 24V input.

You may also be interested in our neon flex accessories, which include mounting track, end caps, and power cables.

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