LED Neon Flex

LED Flex is the revolutionary replacement of traditional glass Neon and its applications are as flexible as the product itself. Typically used in feature and display lighting in the retail sector, all our neon flex is non-spotting and has an IP rating of 68, making it perfect for use in outdoor signage.

We have used almost 3,000m of Ultra LEDs Neon Flex product in cool white for a number of clients and will continue to do so. It looks great, is good value and our installation teams find it easy to install. They can turn around orders quickly as well.
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What is LED Neon Flex?

LED neon flex is made from flexible plastic tubes which are filled with highly luminous LED lights to offer a bendable strip of light. It’s typically used to create eye-catching signage in the retail sector, however neon flex can also be used as task lighting in kitchens, as decorative lighting on the exterior of buildings or in gardens and even in swimming pools and cars.

Our LED neon flex has a high ingress protection rating of 68, meaning it can be fully submerged up to a maximum depth of 1.5m for up to thirty minutes. Due to the flexible protective tubing, LED neon flex does not require a protective aluminium profile unlike LED tape. Thanks to its waterproof properties and robust flexible materials it’s perfect for use outdoors and in environments where delicate glass would not be suitable. When installing neon flex outdoors it is important to use a compatible components with an IP rating of 65 or above.

What different types of LED Flex are available?

Ultra LEDs proudly stocks one of the UK’s widest ranges of neon flex. It is available in three different sizes:

Regular LED Neon Flex: 15mm wide and with a 26mm domed depth, this neon flex can be run up to 15m using a 24v led driver and is dimmable when installed with a dimmable system. Ultra LEDs can supply it in customised lengths per meter.

Mini LED Neon Flex: 9mm wide and with a 15mm domed depth, this neon flex is better suited for smaller applications. It can be run up to 15m using a 24v driver and can be supplied in customised lengths per meter.

Circular LED Neon Flex: The most versatile flex. With an 18mm circular profile and full 360° illumination, this 230v flex is powered using a mains voltage supply and therefore has the ability to run much longer lengths than standard neon flex. Available in a full colour range and RGB colour changing. Can be supplied in customised lengths per meter.

All our neon flex is available in a variety of colours, including cool white, neutral white, red, green, blue, orange, pink, purple and RGB colour changing.


How do I install LED Neon Flex lighting?

You will need:
- Neon flex at a length of your choice
- 2 lengths of heat shrink tubing
- a compatible end cap 
- a neon flex power lead 
- a 24v driver (for neon flex that is not mains voltage compatible)
- a compatible pin

Step 1: Push the pin into the copper dots on the end of the neon flex tube.

Step 2: Push the end cap onto the other end of the neon flex tube.

Step 3: Align the holes in the power lead with the pins in the cabling and press together to connect.

Step 4: Slide the heat shrink tubes over the power lead connection and end cap respectively. Shrink the plastic to create a seal around the connections using a heat gun.

Step 5: Plug the power cable into the driver, or straight into your mains voltage supply if using mains voltage tape.

Step 6: Turn on the power supply.