Opal Continuous Diffuser Reel for Standard Profile


  • Compatible Channels: 178 , 171145 , 23145
  • 10 Metre & 20 Metre Reels
  • Opal Finish
From £24.18 - £47.95
( £29.02 - £57.54 inc. VAT )


  • Dimensions: 17mm Width
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Length: 10 metre & 20 metre reels
  • Finish: Opal

Hints and tips:


Diffusers will affect the brightness and CCT (colour temperature) of an LED tape when housed in a LED channel or profile. With an opal diffuser 70% of the brightness of the installed LED strip light will shine through.

As well as the brightness, diffusers will also alter the kelvin temperature of the installed LED strip light by approximately 10%. Opal diffusers will make the kelvin temperature/CCT appear warmer, semi clear diffusers will make the Kelvin Temperature/CCT appear cooler and transparent diffusers will have no effect.

Non-spotting finish

To achieve a highly desired non-spotting finish, consider using this profile with an LED tape of more than 120 LEDs per metre or a COB LED strip light. The more LEDs per metre on your chosen strip light, the less chance there will be of a spotting/dotting effect.