Opal Domed Diffuser for Surface Mounted LED Aluminium Channel 20.7mm x 19.5mm

ID: 2016OD

  • Compatible with 20.7mm x 19.5mm channel
  • Domed Shaped Diffuser
  • Opal Effect
  • Clip In Diffuser
  • Wide beam angle
From £3.45 - £4.95
( £4.14 - £5.94 inc. VAT )
  • Dimensions (overall WxHxD): 4mm x 11.5mm x 0.95mm
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Shape: Domed
  • Finish: Opal
  • Clip In Diffuser
  • Wide beam angle
  • IP65/67 tape suitable: COB tapes only

Introducing our Opal Domed Diffuser, meticulously designed to complement our 20.7mm x 19.5mm Surface Mounted LED Aluminium Channel. With its unique dome shape, it not only enhances the visual aesthetics but also ensures an even distribution of light, reducing harsh glares and shadows.