LED Festoon Lights


Discover our wide range of energy-saving LED festoon lights. We offer everything you need in low-wattage high-performance festoon lighting. Shop now and begin to save money on the total cost of ownership - our LED bulbs consume less energy and last longer than competitor bulbs, without compromising on equivalent output in brightness. Not sure where to start your journey into LED festoon lights? No problem. Check out our popular LED festoon kits, available with 10 - 50 bulbs in a variety of bulb colours and bulb shapes, including our eye-catching squirrel cage bulbs and our tidy looking golf ball shape bulbs. Our IP rated weatherproof LED festoon strings come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 7.5m to 50m. Whatever your festoon lighting requirements, we have the lighting solutions and the LED festoon accessories to bring your project to life.