Professional 360 Bend LED Neon Flex, RGB Colour Changing, 25mmØ, 14.4 Watts, 24V


  • RGB Colour Changing
  • 360° Bend & Illumination
  • 2.5 Metre and 5 Metre Options
  • Side and End Entry Cable Options
  • Dimmable
From £167.70 - £335.41
( £201.24 - £402.49 inc. VAT )

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Product Details

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 2.5 and 5 metre lengths
  • 24v
  • 14.4w per metre
  • 280 LEDS/m
  • 50mm cut points
  • 5M max. run length
  • 25mmØ 
  • IP65
  • >90 CRI
  • Dimmable
  • 3 year warranty

Additional Information

  • Also available in Bespoke lengths, sold by the Metre
  • Supplied with a 2 metre side or end entry cable - select above
  • Silicone Material
  • Mounting and suspension accessories available. See "Useful add ons" section above

Whether you want to enhance architectural elements, create eye-catching displays, or elevate your interior or exterior lighting design, our professional 360 bend and 360 spotless illumination silicone LED Neon Flex delivers both durability and visual impact.

Our LED Neon Flex is engineered to offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing for effortless bending and shaping to accommodate even the most intricate designs and layouts.

Crafted from high-quality silicone, this neon flex boasts exceptional flexibility, durability, and weather resistance (IP65), ensuring its suitability for indoor and outdoor installations.

With its RGB colour-changing capabilities, this neon flex offers a versatile spectrum of colours to suit your specific lighting needs, creating a visually captivating and dynamic ambience at just 14.4 watts of power consumption per metre. This neon flex is designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing electricity costs while providing vibrant lighting.

This professional-grade LED neon flex is built to meet the demands of professional lighting applications, our LED neon flex undergoes rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. Featuring a user-friendly design, installation is simplified, allowing for a hassle-free setup process, supplied with a pre-connected cable in either side or end entry formats, ready for hard wiring into your installation. 

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