24V Eco Bright LED Tape, RGB Colour Changing, 30 LEDs p/m, IP20 (5m Reel)


  • RGB Colour Changing
  • 24V
  • 7.2 Watts p/m
  • Upto 480 Lumens p/m
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24V Eco Bright LED Tape, RGB Colour Changing, 30 LEDs p/m, IP20 (5m Reel)

The Eco Bright RGB Colour Changing LED tape series offers 2400+ lumens of high-quality illumination and features a self-adhesive 3M backing which makes installation quick and hassle free.

This robust tape can be cut to any desired length at any of the allocated cut points and comes with 50mm of 4 core cable on each end ready for hard wiring into your desired controller or driver.

For a plug and play solution please request a bespoke quote.

12V strip tape works from a 240v mains circuit when being powered by a compatible transformer. Alternatively, the strip units can be wired to a dedicated 12V DC circuit without the need for a transformer. To guarantee the highest efficiency, we advise that you change your existing transformers to LED Drivers guaranteeing compatibility. Please see our quick driver guide below:

What Driver do I need?

We have many easy to use compatible drivers available in various wattages. To work out what driver you will need for each length of LED you can simply multiply the wattage of the tape by the length of LED strip you will be using, this will give you the total wattage the LED strip requires, then simply choose a driver which is at least 10% above this figure.

For this tape range you will require a driver which is above the below figures.

  • 1 metre – More than 9w
  • 2 metre – More than 16w
  • 3 metre – More than 24w
  • 4 metre – More than 32w
  • 5 metre – More than 80w

Which controller can I use?

Our RGB tapes can be used in conjunction with any of our RGB controllers. View our recommended controllers below.

How do I connect?

Our RGB Tape needs to be hard wired directly into any of our RGB controllers so you can adjust between the colours. To connect from the Controller's receiver to a power supply simply hard wire into one of our professional driver’s terminals using 2 core cable.

Which profile can I use?

This LED tape can be housed in profiles with a channel width of 10mm or more. View our recommended profiles below.

Please see our FAQ for more help and useful guides, alternatively contact us for technical help.


  • Supplied in 5 metre reels
  • 2x 500mm 4 core tails on each end
  • LED Type: 5050 High Brightness Chip
  • Power Consumption: 7.2w per metre | 36w per reel
  • Lumens: >480 p/m
  • Voltage: 24v
  • Tape Width: 10mm
  • Colour: Red, Green, Blue
  • Number of LEDs: 30 per metre | 150 per reel
  • Water Ingress Rating: IP20 (Non Waterproof)
  • Cut points: every 16cm
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • guarantee: 3 Year

all products should be installed by a technically competent person in accordance with BS7671 and all other local regulations.

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