Solderless Tape to Wire Connector Kit for 12mm IP20 RGBCCT LED Strip Lights, 10 Pack


  • Solderless Connection
  • 13.8mm Connector Width
  • Compatible with IP20 12mm RGBCCT Tapes
  • Use with IP20 Tapes Only
  • Up To 4 Amps
  • Includes 10 Metres of Pro Low Voltage Cable
£36.00 inc. VAT

Solderless Tape to Wire Connector for 12mm IP20 RGBCCT LED Strip Lights, 10 Pack

Technical Specifications:

  • Required LED Tape Width: 12mm
  • Max Amps: Up to 4 Amps
  • Connector Width: 13.8mm
  • Cable Length: Supplied with a 10 metre length of Black 6 Core Pro Low Voltage Cable
  • Cable Gauge: 20 AWG

This pack of 10 Solderless Tape-to-Wire Connectors is specially designed for use with 12mm IP20 RGBCCT LED strip lights. These connectors make it easy to connect your LED strip lights to a power source without the need for soldering.

The pack includes 10 connectors, enough for multiple projects or repairs. The connectors provide a secure and reliable connection for your LED strip lights, ensuring that your lighting stays in place and functions properly.

They are easy to use and are perfect for both professional and DIY installations. Simply insert the run of LED strip into one end and the provided 6 core cable into the other end, ensure the polarity is correct, and secure using a pair of pliers (plastic pliers recommended).

These connectors are an efficient and convenient solution for your LED lighting projects, ensuring that your LED strip lights are always connected and working properly.

Please note: Designed for use with 12mm RGBCCT IP20 Tape only. Not compatible with RGBCCT LED tape with more than 60 LEDs per metre and not compatible with IP65/67 RGBCCT LED tape.

If using inside LED channel, please ensure the internal width of the channel is more than 14mm and the internal height is 4mm or more.