SPI Signal Splitter


  • 5-24V DC
  • Dual Way Splitter
  • One splitter can control up to 4 LED chains
  • Recommended to be used with SPI-CNTRLR-RGB/RGBW
  • Compatible with RGB/RGBW tape
£23.96 inc. VAT

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Product Details

SPI Signal Splitter


  • If the SPI LED pixel strip is single-wire control, the DATA and CLK output is same, each Splitter can connect up to 4 LED strips.
  • If the SPI LED pixel strip is two-wire control, each Splitter can connect up to 2 LED strips.

Designed to split one group of SPI signals into 2 groups of SPI signals so multiple runs of Pixel LED Strip Lights can be controlled from one controller.

It is difficult to reliably power more than one chain of Pixel from a single pixel controller because of the cable length limit between the controller and the strip light.

This splitter can amplify that signal if a longer cable is required in your install. You can also use multiple splitters along the length of your cable to increase signal strength and distance.

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