Domestic Lighting, Made Simple

Browse our range of Easy to Use LED Lighting here at Ultra LEDs. In this range of Easy to Use yet professional grade products
you’ll find everything you need to bring your visions to life while saving time and expense with our low cost Easy to Use solutions designed around the Syndeo lighting system.
Everything you see in this category is high-quality, reliable and compatible with our Easy to Use range which is sure to make your selection a lot easier.

 The Syndeo system features:

  • Multiport Driver Technology - for multiple LED lighting connections into one central driver
  • Plug and Play Technology - No need for complicated terminal wiring, plug in and go..
  • Wiresafe Technology - Short Circuit and Over Current protection, a revolutionary safety feature.
  • Colour Coded Voltage System - Orange for 12V, Green for 24V further enhancing safety.

The diagram below is designed to illustrate the different components the Syndeo Lighting System is designed to ultilise.

Click the different components in the diagram to learn more about each product

system-overview-diagram-black-text-1260.jpg Syndeo Easy to Use LED Drivers Syndeo Easy to Use Dimmers Syndeo Easy to Use Cabinet Sensors Syndeo Easy to Use PIR Switch Syndeo Easy to Use Spot Lights Syndeo Easy to Use Spot Lights Syndeo Easy to Use Light Bars Syndeo Easy to Use Strip Lights Syndeo Easy to Use Snap Connectors Syndeo Easy to Use Cabling Syndeo Easy to Use Splitter Sockets Syndeo Easy to Use Cabling