Tagra® Professional 24V TRIAC Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Driver 75W


  • 24V
  • Up to 75 Watts
  • Up to 3.125 Amps
  • IP20
  • TRIAC Dimmable
£54.00 inc. VAT

Tagra® Professional TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply for 24V LED Strip Lights - 75w 3.125A

Technical Specifications:

  • Easy terminal access
  • Rated 75w - 1.7Amp Max
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 200mm x 63mm x 30mm
  • Compatible with both leading edge and trailing edge led dimmers
  • 3 Year Warranty

Our new quiet dimmable triac drivers. Ideal for dimming using trailing edge and leading edge dimming. We suggest VARILIGHT's range of V-COM dimmers for the best results. Suitable for dimming 24v Lighting from 0 - 75w.

Tagra dimmable power supplies are designed to power and dim 24v constant voltage LEDs via mains dimming. Pairing this power supply with a trailing edge or leading edge dimmer will grant the user full control over light levels in homes, offices or retail environments. Tidy clean and simple Triac Dimming. We suggest loading the power supply as close to its maximum capacity for the most effective dimming.

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Note: This driver is intended to dim mains voltage single colour LED lights. If you are using a controller then you will not require a dimmable driver as the controller handles the low voltage dimming.

all products should be installed by a technically competent person in accordance with BS7671 and all other local regulations.

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