Toning Digital Pixel LED Strip Light 12W p/m, 12V, RGB, 60LEDs, 60 Pixel/m, 5 Metre Reel

ID: TD12-RGB-60-5M

  • RGB Pixel Chasing
  • 12V
  • 12W/m
  • 10mm Tape Width
  • 16.67mm Cut Points
  • IC GS8208 Protocol
  • 1 Year Warranty
£126.00 inc. VAT

Toning Digital Pixel LED Strip Light 12W p/m, 12V, RGB, 60LEDs, 60 Pixel/m, 5 Metre Reel

At 60 Pixels per metre, this Pixel tape is suited better to installations in deeper profiles and lightboxes.


Each Chip can be individually controlled to produce a wider spectrum of functionality, animation and colour control. Each pixel hosts an 8 bit colour display with a further 12 bit built in gamma correction, allowing over 16 million colour combinations per chip, making it the perfect choice for professional level event and entertainment installations.

Utilising the GS8208 protocol means the chips have an extremely high PWM rate of 8000HZ making it suitable for filming on up to 267fps cameras

Also featuring a data redundancy line which enables other pixels to continue functioning if one is to malfunction.

Our LED Pixel tapes have been designed to surpass industry benchmarks. We ensure that our products use high quality materials and have a thicker copper than other LED pixel tapes on the market. Manufactured to the highest standards, our tapes are quality checked and assessed to ensure optimal compatibility with our range of pixel controllers.

Thicker copper tracks offer more durability, better heat dissipation and improved current flow, all of which are vital factors towards achieving the best possible product. Heat dissipation is a critical safety issue when it comes to high density tapes, so we pay serious attention to the amount of copper we use on our tapes. Inferior PCB tapes commonly have a copper thickness of around one or two ounces, whereas we require our LED Pixel tape to have a 4oz copper.


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