Toning Digital Pixel LED Strip Light 14.8W p/m, 24V, RGB, 120 LEDs, 20 Pixel/m, 5 Metre Reel

ID: TD24-RGB-120-5M-V2

  • RGB Pixel Chasing
  • 24V
  • 14.8W/m
  • 10mm Tape Width
  • 50mm Cut Points
  • IC TM1804 Protocol
  • 2 Year Warranty
£151.20 inc. VAT

Toning Digital Pixel LED Strip Light 14.8W p/m, 24V, RGB, 120 LEDs, 20 Pixel/m, 5 Metre Reel

Better suited to permanent installations in architectural and hospitality settings such as lobby displays and night clubs due to the lower 'resolution' of these tapes.


Having less pixels means the animations aren't as highly defined which makes for less defined colour displays to be programmed.

at 120 LEDs per metre, this tape is designed to reduce the amount of spotting but it won't be completely eliminated if used in shallow channels.

This Toning Digital Pixel LED tape utilises the TM1804 IC Protocol, meaning it has a high PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) rate of 1500Hz and data transfer rate of up to 800kpbs. One of the advantages of the PWM rate is being able to film the tape at up to 50FPS and not see any visible flicker.

Our LED Pixel tapes have been designed to surpass industry benchmarks. We ensure that our products use high quality materials and have a thicker copper than other LED pixel tapes on the market. Manufactured to the highest standards, our tapes are quality checked and assessed to ensure optimal compatibility with our range of pixel controllers.

Thicker copper tracks offer more durability, better heat dissipation and improved current flow, all of which are vital factors towards achieving the best possible product. Heat dissipation is a critical safety issue when it comes to high density tapes, so we pay serious attention to the amount of copper we use on our tapes. Inferior PCB tapes commonly have a copper thickness of around one or two ounces, whereas we require our LED Pixel tape to have a 4oz copper.

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