All Ultraleds light bulbs are consumables and are subject to wear and tear. For peace of mind we offer the following warranty: 

  • Standard one year warranty on all products - 2 years from 1st September 2015 onwards
  • Promotional 5 year warranty available - subject to completion of extended warranty form * Offer from 1st September 2015 and offer subject to withdraw at any time
  • Leds (unless waterproof) are for INDOOR use only 
  • All items (including led tape, controllers, Mr16s or G4 bulbs) which require the use of a transformer OR REGULATOR are excluded from the warranty scheme unless we supply the transformers/regulators (as other transformers may not be suitable and damage the goods) 
  • LED Tape MUST be tested BEFORE being stuck down. If it does not work or is not suitable/incorrect for any reason it must be returned at that point. 
  • Led light tape is not covered if it has been stuck down and subsequently removed, as this will destroy the tape. If small sections of LED light tape fail,only the defective sections will be replaced.  
  • Customer damaged/modified or overpowered items are excluded from the warranty scheme.
  • Items purchased and used in an application not designed for the bulbs are also excluded (household bulbs used on bicycles, fish tanks etc) 
  • LED controllers used on non ULTRALEDS products are excluded as they are not designed for use with competitor products.
  • LED bulbs used mixed with other non LED bulbs on the same switch are NOT covered
  • Any product purchased and used on non LED equipment is not covered i.e transformers used with non led products etc
  • Items NOT in the automotive section cannot be used in cars or Motorbikes or vans. They may be similar but are not designed for that purpose.
  • Any items taken apart or tampered with and are not in the condition they were sent out in are excluded from any warranty
  • Warranty claims for items no longer stocked will be sent a similar product, although they may not be an exact match. 

Warranty is only supplied to customers  within E.U countries.

Extend your warranty cover to five years by completing and returning our extended warranty form.

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