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Ultra LEDs offers bespoke lighting design for small to medium sized installations and guides architects and electricians through the installation process.

Products include quality led strip lights, led bulbs and 12V led lights – all of which are rigorously tested to ensure a superior performance and increased longevity at a competitive cost to the consumer.

Feel free to browse through our online store to discover more detailed information on our extensive list of products.

Energy Saving LED Lights

Looking for low energy lighting solutions? Well, Ultra LEDs is here to help you.

We specialise in cutting the cost of energy bills while providing our customers with high quality LEDs lights.

Our products are specifically designed for either home or business use – whatever the case; we’ve got the solution for you.

Feel empowered knowing your about to save £££'s on your energy bills, by investing in our LED strip lights or 12v led lights that not only produce significant energy savings, but also produce a stunning degree of quality.

Therefore, rest assured that Ultra LEDs can provide you or your business with any type of energy saving solution, no matter what your budget.

With over 500 unique products available to choose from within our online store, there's sure to be an LED to meet your requirements. 

If you require any further information, or you can't find what your looking for, for whatever reason; feel free to get in touch via our online contact form, here.